With so many different reactions from the audience who attended the Oscars 2020, but still the performance from Eminem received such a standing ovation. 

Eminem at the Oscars in 2020? Surprise not, the rapper was just given the jaw-dropping performance at the prestigious award event. Eminem who is now 47-year-old makes a surprise by turning up at the awards show at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre on Sunday night to perform his hits track titled “Lose Yourself”. Even though the performance earning a slew of reactions from celebrities in the audience and fans watching at home but overall the performance was such a nostalgic for those who love the rapper’s music since so many years ago.

The track was actually back then in 2002 featured in the film “8 Mile” and it won an Oscar for the best original song the following year. Sadly, Eminem skipped the awards show and missed out on performing it at that time. 

The rapper took on Twitter when he partially quoted the lyrics of the song following the head-turning performance that left some fans wondering why he was on the Oscars stage. He tweeted, “Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity… Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry, it took me 18 years to get here.” His tweet came together with a video clip of Barbara Streisand presenting the award years ago.

As we are now living in a such advance technologies world, there’s for sure so many quick fans react to the performance including sharing the reactions captured in the audience at the show by the cameraman. 

A Twitter user goes by name @Ruthless_Ruby tweeted “And the Oscar for best cinematography goes to the camera man who hit this shot during Eminem’s performance #Oscars” together attached with a video clip showing Martin Scorsese was kind of falling asleep.

Another reaction gathered among the celebrities who came to the award show was from Idina Menzel who seemed a bit confused with the performance. Well, it’s totally understanding with the confused reaction from certain audience after so many years the rapper finally performed at the Oscars stage with his 18-year-old track.

Not just a confused or sleepy kind of reaction captured the show, but there’s for sure a more positive reaction where shown the Star Wars star, Kelly Marie Tran was also rapping along to Eminem’s Lose Yourself at the Oscars. 

Another celebrity who also enjoyed the performance is Gal Gadot who seemingly carry on bouncing her head and sing along while watching the performance. Ricky Martin even focused on the Eminem performance and even praised the rapper with a tweet on his Twitter saying “Standing ovation @eminem,” with a clapping emojis. 

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