Some celebrities are known to change their style by cutting, tinting or restyling their hair, but others rarely look distracting from their signature.

Some stars choose to change their hairstyle every few months but there are plenty of other celebrities that stick to a signature style. Indeed, some have maintained the same hairstyle for so long that without it, we can not imagine them. 

Out of their signature hairstyles, here’s what some stars look like. 

Reese Witherspoon

One of her famous features may be the blonde hair of Reese Witherspoon but the actress is naturally a brunette. In a throwback photo of herself she tweeted in 2019, she confirmed this, writing, “Wait … is this my real hair colour?” Through the years, Witherspoon has also dyed her hair brown both as a personal choice and for roles. She recently debuted chocolate-brown hair for her role in “The Morning Show” on Apple TV Plus. The colour of her character’s hair was the idea for Witherspoon, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I had just gotten done playing Madeline in ‘Big Little Lies’ and I wanted to do some stuff that was different. I didn’t feel like my character would be concerned with her hair or maintaining a certain hair color,” she said. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles had been known for his head of thick, long curls throughout most of his career. The actor cut his hair short in 2019, however, and began to slick his hair back for a straighter, sleeker look. Some fans were quite devastated and are still finding it difficult to get used to seeing Styles without his curls.

Blake Lively

One of her identifying features is Blake Lively’s long blonde hair that usually falls into tousled beach waves. So a lot of people were shocked when she dyed her hair red for the 2011 movie “Hick” It made her look so different that her colorist, Rona O’Connor, told Glamour that people did not recognise her before she debuted the new look in public. “She was able to walk around without being recognized for once. In fact, she had people stop and compliment her hair color and still not know who she was,” O’Connor said. 

Lupita Nyong’o

Her short, natural hairstyle is important to Lupita Nyong’o. She told Porter magazine in 2018, “My hair is something that has been shunned historically. I mean, how often do you hear, ‘You can’t get a job with hair like this?’” She continued, “Natural, African, kinky hair — it’s often been painted as uncivilized or wild.” Sometimes she loves to change her style with box braids, too. She said in a video for Vogue showing her own braiding skills, “Your hair is your frame — it’s so important.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence plays a lot about her hair’s length and style, but the blonde shade usually stays the same — unless she’s in character. For a few movies, Lawrence dyed her hair dark, as when she played Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games,” and Tiffany in “Silver Linings Playbook.” As a blonde the actress appears to be the most comfortable. Linda Flowers, head hair designer for “The Hunger Games,” told PopSugar in 2012 that Lawrence was so nervous about becoming a brunette that Flowers spent USD30,000 on wigs so she could test out various colours and shades before actually colouring her hair.

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